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An excellent measured article.

Anyone who lived through the "troubles" in N.I should have learnt that outsiders commenting on your heart is never welcome or informed. Certainly only one thing is certain re Ukraine and Gaza-nothing is certain.

I ought to be able to opine that eastern Ukraine was largely ethnically Russian or ask what happened to the population which lived in Israel before it was Israel without that been seen as taking sides -to be better informed is good-but I have no real skin in the game as I did in N.I

You are right--civil war on our side damages us. Our anger should be directed at those who perpetrated the crimes against us.

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Lets talk about: "this split in the freedom movement "

Firstly this presumes that there is such a s thing as a 'Freedom movement' - which is a somewhat curious idea. I recall joining demonstrations in Glasgow against lockdown, where some marchers were abusing bystanders for wearing masks. They are not part of my version of the freedom movement. I also recall some rather rather feisty demonstrators at the 'Stop the slaughter' marches in Edinburgh, who chose to use those anti-war protests as an opportunity to preach and chant pro-Hamas slogans that made me feel a bit uncomfortable. However, all such marches are a broad church, attracting as few hotheads, and you have the choice to chant or not to chant - personally I prefer silent protests.

This is the problem with emotional street demos: (which I have attended since the Vietnam war) - they can become polarised and go sour.

Not sure what the answer is, but I don't think a true 'Freedom Movement' is a real thing - just a dream. The Lib Dems and Greens, and many socialists, were pure Covidian cannon fodder: Diane Abbott was preaching 'zero covid' along with some of the hardest right wingers, and god forgive her ignorant and sad soul for it.

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https://www.bitchute.com/video/aHbdwdU0sqZS/ An inside job on Oct 7th. No matter how or when Israel IS committing Murder in a planned way

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I don't think anyone disputes that. However, Hamas also committed some foul and vile crimes, and I don't have any time for either of them. The question is this: how do we help them both from this pointless cycle of violence? Preventing the flow of money and arms to either side is in my view, essential - its become another proxy : West v the Rest' war - just like Ukraine and Iraq, and fuelled by money from the furtive backers on both sides.

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